It is not feasible for everyone to quit their lives, and go to Africa to help. However, there are other ways for everyone to be involved in these efforts. Every donation that is given on this website is tax deductible. As you fill out the paypal form, with your donation on it, you will receive a form via email and mail from GRAACE explaining exactly what your donation will be applied to. Thank you for your donations.

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GRAACE Benefit Concert
GRAACE will be holding two benefit concerts in order to raise funds to build water wells for Chanshegu, Kpanvo, and Alantaso Villages in Ghana, Africa. Once these wells are built, GRAACE will be able to teach those small villages agrictulture and nutrition. Please join us for this amazing event! The Boise concert will be held Feb. 28th at the Powerhouse (621 S 17th St). The Salt Lake City concert will be held March 20th at the Pierpont Place (163 West Pierpont Ave). Doors will open at 7pm. Featured artists include The Gorgeous Hussies, Short Access, King Cotton, Everson, Salt Lake African Drum and Dance Ensemble and Boise Drum Center. Tickets are $13. Please fill in the proper amount above with your credit card information. In 1-2 days, you will receive a confirmation email. Please respond to the email with which concert you will be attending. Your name will then be put on a list indicating that you have already paid. Thank you and we will see you there!