GRAACE was formed after one of the founders, Jana Capps, went to Ghana as a humanitarian volunteer. While she was there, she worked in the Tamale Children's Home. When she arrived, she found a little girl, that was a year and a half old, who was dying of Malaria. This is a common occurrence in Africa, and the children are not able to fight the disease because their immune systems are not strong enough. They do not have the nutrition they need to overcome illness. The little girl's name was Sanatu. Jana decided to take care of her, and the little girl recovered. Lisa Davis, Jana's sister, and Tim Davis, her Brother-in-law, asked if they could adopt the little girl. It was arranged, and Sanatu, whose Christian name is now Grace, lives and thrives in a loving home, in Fruitland, Idaho. As she still struggles with malnutrition, Grace is a reminder to us everyday that there are other children dying everyday of starvation, or struggling with the effects of malnutrition. As we saw the need, we wanted to help, thus forming the organization GRAACE, to provide families with a way to be self-sustained.