We believe we can help the people in Africa obtain sustainable lives through micro-credit, nutrition, and agriculture.

GRAACE, or growing renewable agriculture in Africa with credit establishment, is a non-profit organization that is currently applying for 501(c)(3) status. We are focused on helping people in Africa to help themselves.

Current GRAACE staff members:

Amber Hansen: Volunteer Coordinator amber@ahopeforafrica.com
Molly Nielsen: Volunteer Coordinator molly@ahopeforafrica.com
Dave Hansen: Marketing Director dave@ahopeforafrica.com
Lisa Davis: Donor Fulfillment lisa@ahopeforafrica.com
Tim Davis: Agriculture and Plant Specialist tim@ahopeforafrica.com
Carissa Stoddard: Field Researcher carissa@ahopeforafrica.com
Jana Capps: Field Director jana@ahopeforafrica.com
Brian Tibbets: General Development: brian@ahopeforafrica.com